Monday, July 19, 2010

Personal Blog:: ER, Dead Cat, Fluffy Planets, and Burning Buildings 7/19/10

I was once again late to ASL class. But today had a twist, Matt our substitute was late as well. How cool is that. He told us a story about his cat dying. Very sad. When he got home he found his cat on the floor not moving. He when over to see what was the matter and found him to be unresponsive. He immediately took him/her to the vet. He then explained to him that he saw a way to revive people with a shock thing. The doctor didn't want to proceed with the process since it would set the cat on fire.  There was nothing else to do since the cat was already stiff and dead for about 2 hours.  Poor cat!!!

Another big thing that happened today was the science building caught on fire.  My Astronomy teacher told me the next day that a short happened in the downstairs lab.  If I showed up for an appointment with him about our lesson I would have been stuck with him and a group of people watching fire trucks coming.  But I decided to ditch and go home cause I was super tired and I crossed the UVU campus 5 times already and was not about ready to go see him and then come back again.  Good thing, I would have been mad cause my daughter would have been home by herself and wondering where I was.

Needless to say I was glad to get home and not know about the problems until the next day.  I think it was eventful in its own right.  Thank goodness.

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