Sunday, July 18, 2010

Personal Blog:: Lazy day but oh so busy 7/18/10

Woke up, fell out of bed
Dragged a comb across my head
Found my way downstairs and drank a cup
And looking up, I noticed I was late

ahhhhh, the Beatles. I absolutely LOVE the Beatles. I grew up listening to them on the radio. I remember doing this crazy dance whenever they played. It was a cross between the peanuts dance and a jumping Mexican bean. Oh the good old days. When I get the chance, I always drop that I was born on John Lennon's Birthday. For some reason I love saying that. October 9th is the best day ever. In some ways I feel like we are connected personally, as if we were best friends. Maybe we were.

As I was walking around UVU campus today, I began my usual strange hypotheticals. Well today was a good one. How many clowns can really fit inside a VW bug? Anyone have an answer to this one? I mean, think about it... Those VW bugs are really small. Placing 6 people in that regularly would be a chore. I guess it would all boil down to what sizes the clowns were and how much they are wearing at the time. The above picture shows that this question has been researched before. And the conclusion, people are crazy and shouldn't try to fit into a small compartments.

Well all this thinking about physics got me onto another subject. I went to the circus about a year ago. Ringling Bros came to Salt Lake City and I took my daughter to see it. Just for any parents out there, know that it is and was kinda cheesy. Defiantly focused for the YOUNG kids. Not saying that I'm not young and hip. But I don't need to be in bed by 8PM. I still got amusement out of it. Come to think of it, I probably just went for one thing... Cotton Candy!!!!

When it comes to this wonderful sugary stuff, I go bonkers. Not the blue kind, but the pink kind. YUM!!!! As I sat enjoying my pink treat what did they bring out? No not a tiger, they brought out the VW bug. My eyes grew big and my mind when racing. Like a cat seeing those red pointer light zipping around the room. I put aside the cotton candy and started counting the clowns jumping out of the side door. When I got up to 32 the "Awwwww" swept over me. DANG, I still can't fathom how they did it.


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