Saturday, July 17, 2010

Personal Blog:: Today was the kinda day I would want to scrap... 7/17/10

Oy! I tell ya, being rejected from the public is a hard thing. And I thought being kicked out of the lunch line was bad enough. I often wonder about those scientist... always thinking they know what is best for us. What about us little people who rely on constant consistency. I actually cried when Pluto was banned and downgraded to a moon. Well I better stop talking about this since I'm going to cry again.

Well today I woke up and found out that I was alone yet again. I think when you realize you are alone it causes you to be hungry. I really don't know why that is. But I was and yet nothing in the re-fridge to keep me interested. So I made what only Mormons would say, "the devils drink"!
Coffee is kinda my weakness, I don't drink it like some people do, but I do like to have it when I'm desperate. Coffee kept me alive thru most of my young adult days. When nothing else was around I had coffee. Granted I shaked a lot and had to run to the bathroom more than usual. (sorry, I know that is more than you need to know about me) This morning I only had one cup, but that made me happy. And believe me, the little happiness I get is good enough.

I then proceeded to jumped into the shower and get ready for the day. Now if you knew me well enough you would know that the statement I just stated isn't as simple as it sounds. When I jump into the shower, I jump in and stay in. I literally become a prune, maybe even the great great great great grandmother of a prune. I have no skills in shower taking. I step in and everything just becomes dense. I have to sit down and try to not let gravity pull me even further down the drain. I sit and let the water run over me and keep on running. I know the EPA needs to hear about my habits, so they can put orange cones around me. But somehow thru the lack of muscles I pull myself out of the shower and dry off. Even when I do, I feel like I just came out of a life and death situation. I am so tired and drained be thankful to be out and moving among the living.

Well I got dressed and tried to figure out what to wear. Again this sounds simple, but to a girl it really isn't, and to me, it really isn't simple. I try on something and feel confident in what I am wearing. I walk around and start finding the parts I need to get out the door. (Parts being, books, keys, cell phone, toby my ipod, etc...) As this is happening I start to feel uncomfortable. I start rethinking some of the items I'm wearing. Before you know it, I'm taking of my shirt and putting another one on, then 15 minutes later my pants come off and different one goes on. Usually this goes on for 2 hours, by this time I'm running late and my hair isn't even done or my makeup. Granted I don't do them until I'm parked in the UVU parking lot.

Needless to say I'm ALWAYS late for my first class of the day. I know my sign language teacher is about to ring my neck for always being late. But in my defense, I have been late to everything my entire life. Things you would think I wouldn't be late for I am. I guess that is a quirk I have and always will. I even go as far as to set my living room clock ahead 10 minutes, my car 15 minutes, my cell phone 15 minutes and my bedroom clock 30 minutes. I STILL AM LATE. I guess that is something you can always count on with me, I'm always late.


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  1. Enjoyed your post about showers and being late. I’m kinda the same way about loving showers—although the ones I take are very short. Seems like when the water hits me, inspiration often hits me as well. Fresh ideas, solutions to problems. You’re a good writer. Is your UVU major related to writing?