Thursday, July 15, 2010

Personal Blog:: Dying is always the pits... but so is Monday!!! - 7/15/10

Well, let's see, I woke up today around 10:30AM wondering where I was. When I first opened my eyes I didn't recognize anything except my teddy bear, James. He looked at me like he always did, blank. When I did figure out where I was I knew my day had started off to a bad start. I hate that feeling.


My wonderful husband already went to work and was being a productive part of the social circle. I on the other hand was still in bed trying to decided if I wanted to go on living. At the time I really felt I didn't have much to live for, but if you asked anyone else they would say otherwise. Like my mom! She would first yell at me for thinking such things, then tell me all the things I should be grateful for. Then my husband would say that he was something and my daughter was something. In all great arguments, he would have a great point. But at the time, it didn't really make a dent in my thinking.

I did get up and check on my crops. I play this game on Facebook called "FarmVille". I have to admit, when I first saw and heard of this game I thought it was stupid. I made fun of my friend for playing it, and said "it is a waste of time!". Well she has the last laugh seeing that I'm so addicted I even wake up in the middle of the night cause I know my crops are ready to be harvested. Well I need to have my head examined cause it really is a silly concept. But then again, I am having my head examined by the best.

I finally got my husband to go to the fitness place down the street. I wanted to go into the sauna for some detoxing. See, about 2 weeks ago, I had to go to the Emergency Room cause I was very loopy and couldn't walk straight. I text-ed my friend and had her come over and drive me there, cause I didn't want to dial 911 for just my problem. I figure other people were dying and I didn't want to clog up the system with my small problems. Well she came over and pretty much had to carry me to the Jeep. Not one of my shining moments. My daughter was worried about me in a small capacity, but she was more excited cause she got to spend time with her friend, which turns out to be my friends daughter.


The entire journey took but 10 minutes, but it gave me time to think. First of all, I should have called 911 cause I was taking up her valuable time. Second she had to deal with me and my weird symptoms. She kept worrying about me and saying that she hopes everything was ok. I know that this was not the ideal place for her to be at that moment, but I'm sure glad she did it. When we got to the entrance we drove in backwards and pulled up to where the actual ER trucks come in. She ran in and got a wheelchair and a nurse that was probably named "Billy Bob". He picked me up and placed me into the chair and wheeled me in. Well he forgot my left foot so it ended up dragging under the chair. I didn't care since I thought I was dying. The nurse that checked me in was nice. Except she asked me questions that made me feel like I was 2 years old. "How much pain are you in? On this chart show me where you are?" I pointed to the number six since the smiley face had it's tongue sticking out, and it looked like how I felt. But number 8 was coming really close.

During that time my friend came over to see if she could get my cell phone. I started to dig around in my purse looking for it. She wanted to get a hold of my husband to say that he should get out my life policy since he will be cashing it in. I'm sure I didn't look in any state to be looking for a phone, so she offered to look for me and reach for the bag. But I stopped her with all the energy I could muster. I couldn't let her into my bag at any cost. I had an embarrassing secret that needed to stay hidden. My dumb husband had a Penthouse magazine in the glove box of the car and when I clean it out for our Oregon trip, I placed it in my bag. For the life of me, literally, I didn't want her to see it and leave me for dead as a nameless body in the ER.

The nurse took all the vitals needed and she decided I was a ligament cause and gave the boys in the back the "all clear". I was still sitting in the same chair that had my foot dragging around like some stuffed animal. All of a sudden she lets out a sequel. I thought perhaps my brain fell out of the back of my head and there was not hope for me now. But instead she rushed towards my right foot and commented on how cute it was. Then she had to know who did them. I was in too much in pain and confusion to answer with a clear mind. I just remember thinking... "WHO CARES ABOUT MY CUTE FEET!!!!" She then left me in the middle of the hall and rounded up some of her nurse friends to take a look at my foot. I was hoping that at least they would put my left foot on the holder as well since they were taking an extra look at them. But for some reason they were just interested in the right one.


I finally got wheeled back to my room and the entourage that accompanied my foot dissipated.


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  1. See. Farmville is bad for your health and friends are good for you. I knew it.