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Personal Blog:: Sleeping with Darth Vader 8/5/10

August 5th, 2010
My phone says August 6th, 2010 but I am going to be talking about August 5th 2010. I’m just leaving In & Out Burger located in Orem Utah. The time is now 12:45am. I actually just drove around a whole bunch. Truth be told, I just had sex with my husband and that was GREAT!! Afterward I was so restless and had to go for a drive. I just want to say, I love him so much! But that isn’t what I wanted to talk about tonight.
I don’t know I drove around I went to Wal-Mart and I walked around and looked at stuff. And all the while I was just thinking how wonderful things are and I am so glad for lots of stuff. OH MY GOSH! First my wonderful husband who came home and I totally told him, “Alright, tonight we are having sex!” I don’t know what prompted me to say it. I guess I was going thru withdrawals or something. It might have been due to the fact that he was cursing in the car today, and I got turned on by it. I couldn’t get that tough guy image out of my head, all the while doing errands. I just keep thinking I wanted to jump him. Isn’t that wild?? Well I did, and of course it was good! It was more than good, it was great!!
I almost forgot to tell you, he has this new V-Pap or C-Pap Machine. It looks a lot like in Star Wars, when Darth Vadar is wearing the oxygen mask when was flying around in his plane, jet, or his whatever spaceship thingy, and he is shooting at Luke Skywalker. Well it totally looks like that but it was clear, and it helps him to breath at night. I know I have talked to you before and I had told you about how we went to a sleep clinic. And we had met that really old lady, that REALLY, REALLY, OLD LADY. She told him he has to have this PAP machine in order to breath. So he just got it the other day, and one night I got up to pee and when I came back I just watched him, and it was strange to see it one him. Now I don’t have to worry about whether he is going to stop breath at night.
When we first got married, during the night he would stop breathing, and I would shake him and be like “HEY! Your not breathing!” He would always just mumble something and go back to sleep. Well I kinda got used to it and I think during the night I don’t fully sleep well, cause he isn’t breathing. So my body automatically like hits him or punches him or does something like that and it keeps him breathing at night. Now that he has this C-pap thing, I think I’m going to sleep better at nights. Which brings me to a crazy thought. Why am I out driving around when I should be at home sleeping… with my husband.
Well after Wal-Mart I thought “hummmmm”, you know what sounds really good, is In & Out burger. So I stopped by and got a hamburger and of course there French Fries. I was really craving there French Fries, oh and a Dr. Pepper. Sorry, I got side tracked.
Back to what I was saying. I’m so glad he had this thing to help him breath at night. But I don’t know, I would think it is uncomfortable. It’s like I just described, a Darth Vader mask over his face when he was in that spaceship. He wears that at night, and I’m like I don’t think I can handle something covering my face at night. Because It would be like someone covering your mouth, well it is actually something literally covering his mouth. I don’t know, that would be strange, but I’m glad, I’m glad. Because I don’t need to worry so much, I don’t have to wake up thinking “OH MY GOSH is my husband dead?” Because I don’t want him dead, I love him. He’s like… he’s like AWESOME!! But I’m… I don’t know he is awesome, he is really great. I love him, and he is… Oh My Gosh I’m going to start crying so I better stop talking about this. Well let me talk about something else.
My daughter

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