Thursday, September 30, 2010

Personal Blog:: Coffee Day!!! 9/30/10

Well today was kind of funny, I was a regular Suzie homemaker.  I baked, sewed, cleaned, laundered, and did dishes.  Let me tell you, I even wore high heels.  I was reading that if you wear high heels at least for an hour a day, your butt will get firm.  Seeing that my butt needs all the help it can get, I wore them all day.

Being a mom is really what they say.  “CRAZY!!”  I mean what the heck… My kid is always telling me to stop doing this and stop doing that.  “I’m the mom I tell you what to do.”  Now she wants to bail out on dinner.  She needs to try new things and branch out.  But to her she thinks I’m making her eat a raw fish and it’s only enchiladas. 

And I found that speaking was a very hard task.  I was trying to speak to my husband and found that all I did was babble.  Maybe he put the whammy on me and now I only speaks when he wants me to speak.

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