Saturday, September 4, 2010

Restaurant Review:: Being an Adult, but not being the adult! Provo Kneaders 9/4/10

Today was a rough day just in my mind, but to the many it would be a simple routine of getting out of bed. For me I have a knack for making things harder than they are. I didn’t know it when I woke up but I had lots on my plate. First of all, I was awake from 2 AM on and off until 7 A.M. My husband’s alarm went off, and short of hitting it with a shoe, I just pressed the snooze button. Then got comfortable and went back to sleep. I closed my eyes for a second and I swear it went off again. I pressed the snooze button and got snuggled when it went off yet again. I sat straight out of bed and said “What in the World!” Then my husband got out of bed and proceeded to the shower. I turn it off so it would bother me again. Wouldn’t you know it, the stupid alarm went off again. Turns out my husband had another alarm set for 7:20 AM. I had some words for him when he got out of the shower, but I fell asleep. I know when he gets back from work, I will give him the words, but it won’t make an sense to him. But unbeknown-st to him, I would have won the argument. (Enter Evil laugh here)

My daughter then got up, dressed and brushed her teeth. The funny thing about her is she’s like a mom to me. I love when she gets mad at the different silly things I do. When I first started dying my hair blue she was opposed to it. She said that people would make fun of me. I told her not to worry since I was a bit on the odd side since before she came along. Plus now that I’m not married to my first husband I was going to do what I wanted to do. So I am! (Go Womens Lib) Despite being her mom she still thinks she knows what is best for me. (Mind you she is 8 years old) She always says mom things to me, like “You can’t get a tattoo!” or “You shouldn’t wear that!” It’s quite funny and amusing, that is why I love her so much!!!! Anyways, does anyone else have this problem? Kids thinking they are your parental.
Part of the exciting plate adventure. My husband called me today and said he needs his SD card from his V-Pap machine. I had to run over to his doctor’s appointment and get it to him. I hadn’t showered and my hair had bed head, not the produce. Since I was already there we had breakfast afterwords. We decided to go to Kneaders, which was probably a bad choice anyway. If I had it my way, we would go to Denny’s. Well we get there and the same lady that helps us 4 days ago was once again at the register. She was still rude and standoffish like the last time. I didn’t blog about it because I figured they didn’t need the bad press. But today I was once again proven I should stick to my gut. They, or perhaps just her, has this problem of being rude to the customers. Here is what happened…

Nice family day with the husband and kid, It was a Saturday. I ordered some soup and my husband got a sandwich. We then tried to order my daughters meal which was simple. Apparently not cause this is where the problem starts. All she wanted was Turkey and Cheese sandwich. But the menu only had Ham and Cheese. So I asked her politely if they can just substitute the ham for the turkey. She said “No!” I wasn’t used to that response and I thought she was just kidding. So I asked her point blank, “Are you kidding?” She looked at me and said, “No we can’t! “I looked at her and waited for her to say, “Of course I’m just kidding.” Don’t hold your breath, cause she didn’t, and I was a very disappointed mom. To make things worst she seemed to enjoy denying me my request. She didn’t even have a smile or any kind of happiness to share. WHY IS SHE AT THE REGISTER? I figured it wasn’t a total lose cause we can just order the apples slices on the side. WAIT!!!! Turns out, you can’t buy them separate. It comes ONLY with the kids meal or not at all. What a crazy menu. My daughter was disappointed and sad, and I was once again an annoyed parent. I thought places like that were all about the customer. And giving them what they want, but I didn’t realize there motto was “Its Kneader’s way or NO WAY at all”.

All and all I would give them a D- in customer service. But of course the food was good, I didn’t have a problem with the soup or the cinnamon roll I had for a desert with my daughter. So the food gets a B+. Kneader’s needs to think of the customer and not what is written out in the menu. Try thinking outside of the box, perhaps you would get more kids and families wanting to eat there. I know that is why you are in business, or is it?


  1. Hi Charly!

    Thanks for inviting me to your's so nice meeting you. :)

    Oh, I love to go to Denny's...$4 all u can eat pancakes, d-lish!!

    Have a highly inspired day...your tribal friend Steven Suchar aka awhodunit on Twitter

  2. You have to realize that most employees don't give a damn about the image of their workplace but I bet the owner does. Why don't you contact the owner and tell him what happened and I'm sure he'll do something about it.