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Serial Killers:: Anthony Sowell, Report Paper for Criminal Justice Class 9/2/10

Just so you know this was my paper in Crinimal Justice

Anthony Sowell is the newest addition to be added to the list of Serial Killers. He is convicted of killing 6 women and storing them at his Cleveland home. When I say storing, I mean to say, just kept them rotting in and around his home. When he was finally apprehended, he denied he was who they were looking for. But was soon found to be the man after fingerprinting was done.

Originally police went to his house to arrest him on other charges, “felonious assault and rape”. Incidentally he served 15 years prison time in 1989 for rape. The Cuyahoga County Coroner Frank Miller identified two bodies as black females and had noted one died a violent death and rule it as a homicide.

From what people knew about him “He was crazy. Sometimes he would just go off if he didn’t have his way” neighbor Teresa Hicks said. Sowell was also noted to borrowing money and looking for scrape metal as a way to make extra cash. And another source stated Sowell was living off a monthly check, but had not a clue from where. Just minutes before they arrest Sowell, Halloween day 2009, the chief of police Michael McGrath assured parents that it was safe to go trick-or-treating. But for many parents like Teresa Hicks she didn’t want her daughter going out.

After obtaining a search warrant for Anthony Sowell’s residence they found two bodies one on the third floor of the duplex, and another in the basement where they examine a fresh grave that was dug. All bodies found were in the advance stages of decomposition, which suggested they’d been in the home a long time. Police began to check missing persons reports from when Sowell was release from prison in June 2005.
Anthony Sowell is a convicted sex offender and is required to report to the sheriff’s office regularly. Sowell always complied. Currently the 50-year-old has been indicted on 85 charges including murder, attempted murder, assault, rape, kidnapping, and corpse abuse over a period of years. Plus the alleged felonious assault on Sept. 22, 2009 that led to the initial search of his home.

What makes me wonder… why didn’t the neighborhood notice the smell of rotting bodies? This is something that has been going one and off for several years. I can’t believe that no one reported it to the police. Plus the police that patrol the area should have notice the foul smell and investigated it. Aren’t they trained and have seen and smelled things like this? Residence had blamed the smell to a broken sewer line and a local sausage shop. Why didn’t they continue to question when they flushed out the sewage line and noticed it was not the source of the smell? And when the sausage shop was investigate and cleared of the smell as well. Just makes me wonder why it had to go on as long as it did.

When I think of the Police and the FBI, I always think of them having battles over who has jurisdiction, but when I heard that they offered technical help in the investigation, I was proud. They offered a thermal-energy search of the residence and the property around it. This would help tremendously, since dirt that has been disturbed radiates heat differently than compacted soil. Currently it is up to the city police if the property is to be searched, and they haven’t indicated when and if it would start.

The latest news, “Anthony Sowell’s attorneys met with a judge and prosecutors and executed a waiver of a speedy trial until July 31st” (Fox No one knows for sure why he did this. He also withdrew his not guilty by reason of insanity plea. When he did this it cause a glitch in his favor. On January 8, 2010 the case was listed as ‘closed’ due to a computer data entry error. Supposedly it was to say “he withdrew his plea of not guilty by reason of insanity” but instead stated “The court finds the defendant not guilty by reason of insanity.” (Latina Bailey, bailiff) The entry has since been fixed. I guess it would have come to nothing eventually, since there is no doubt that Sowell should not be freed for a computer data entry error. Besides the public would have whole heartedly demanded justice. And we wouldn’t want the public getting all in a bunch over nothing. If it did get processed as the finally verdict, he wouldn’t have been release, but placed in a mental institution. This is a perfect example of how our system is being over worked. And this case is the perfect example.

I guess we should be glad that there is some sort of checks and balances. If Sowell wanted he could argue that he was now being tried on double jeopardy. But when asked he stated, “As much as I’d like to take it and run with it, the courts would recognize that it was just a simple error.” For being a cold blooded killer, that was very reasonable of him. Then again I can’t judge since he is still innocent until proven guilty.


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