Monday, October 4, 2010

Funny Stories:: Old person @ Subway on Grand Ave.

I was at the Subway on Grand Ave behind a old person when he was ordering a sub. It was the most drawn-out process ever, here is the dialog.

Old Person - "I want a foot long subway sandwich"
Subway Employee #1 - "What kind of bread?"
Old Person - "Oh... let me see here, what kind do you have?"
Subway Employee #1 - *points to sign and reads off the different typs of breads*
Old Person - "Oh ok... I will go with a foot long wheat then"
Subway Employee #1 - "What kind of sub do you want this to be?"
Old Person - "Wow, there are too many choices, what kind of subs do you have?"
Subway Employee #1 - "All of them are listed above, or else you can make your own"
Old Person - "I will have to think about this."
*1:47 passed, yes I timed it"
Old Person - "Ok, I figured it out, I will have a roast beef sub"
Subway Employee #1 - "What kind of cheese would you like on your roast beef?"
Old Person - "What kind of cheeses are there?"
Subway Employee #1 - *points to sign and reads the type of cheese*
Old Person - "Oh ok, I will go with the white cheese"
Subway Employee #1 - "Do you want this sub toasted?"
Old Person - "Toasted?"
Subway Employee - "Yes, in the toaster oven"
Old Person - "No, I don't want that"
Subway Employee #2 - "Would you like the works on this roast beef today?"
Old Person - "The works? No, I just want my sub"
Subway Employee #2 - "Ok, do you want anything on your sub?"
Old Person - "Yes"
Subway Employee #2 - "What would you want on it?"
Old Person - "What can you put on it?"
Subway Employee #2 - *points to sign and lists ingredients*
Old Person - "Oh... just lettuce would be fine"
Subway Employee #3 - "Would you like to make this a meal?"
Old Person - "Isn't it a meal already?"
Subway Employee #3 - "I meant did you want chips or soda with this?"
Old Person - "Don't you have coffee?"
Subway Employee #3 - "no"
Old Person - "Then never mind, I will have just the sandwich"
It was simply amazing that someone could be so confused about Subway.


  1. That is funny but wait until you get to be that age. I had to check you out because of the "blue hair" thing just in case...

  2. Apparently a newbie. She'll do better next time. The one thing I do hate at Subway is being rushed. I know what I want but give me time to spit it out. At least they play good music over the speakers. And my 8-year old loves the pizza. That helps me out so I forgive them their trespasses. :)