Friday, November 5, 2010

About Today: How to Stop Getting Junk Mail

From Jen Hubley, your About Today Editor
The other day, I opened the mail box, and a shower of junk mail poured out that lasted for about 20 minutes and completely filled up our hallway. You might think I'm exaggerating, and you'd be right. However, it is true that the catalogue/flyer/ad circular situation is officially out of control at our house.

How to Stop Getting Junk Mail 
We have catalogues for things we'd never order from companies we've never heard from. The good news is that our imaginary dog is going to have the Christmas of his make-believe life.
Video: Rid Your Life of Junk Mail 
The real problem is that no one in my house is good at throwing things away. This is because we feel horrible about the environment, personally guilty, in fact, and also because we are lazy. (See links below for tips on recycling. I have no help for you if you're lazy. You'll just have to join the club.)
Stop Credit Card Junk Mail 
The worst junk mail is the kind that offers magical credit cards that will promise to repair your financial history and build you a raft to Jupiter, where you will embark on a new life free from credit card offers and financial histories. (Actually, that last card would be a winner.)
Which Mail Should You Shred? 
I used to shred everything, until I finally broke the paper shredder and had to create some rules about which mail to shred and which to toss.

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