Thursday, November 11, 2010

About Today: How to Thank our Veterans 11/11/10

From Jen Hubley, your About Today Editor
It's Veterans Day here in the US, which means that it's time to set aside a moment or two to thank all our veterans for their service.

I can cheat at this, since my husband is a vet. So, for me, thanking our vets involves leaning over and saying, "Hey, remember when you went overseas for awhile? Thanks for that!" He's as grateful for my support as you would imagine he'd be. (Hint: There's eye-rolling.)
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How to Support the Troops 
You might be looking for more concrete and less eye-rolly ways to be supportive, however, and so I turn your attention to this article.
Veterans Day Events 2010 in Washington, DC 
Or you might be a celebrate in person type, in which case you're in luck: Many cities around the country have special events for Veteran's Day.
The History of Veterans Day 
Many of us get Veteran's Day and Memorial Day confused. What's the difference between the two holidays?
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