Thursday, November 4, 2010

About Today: Your Home Winterizing Checklist 11/03/10

From Jen Hubley, your About Today Editor
The other day, my husband came home to find me shivering under two blankets and bathrobe. "As another option," he said, "you could consider turning on the heat."

Easy Home Winterizing Checklist 
But I'm not ready for the heat yet. In my mind, it's still late summer - early fall at the most. The thermostat, unfortunately, does not agree with me.
When (and How) to Winterize Your Home 
Winter is definitely on its way, which means that now's the time to prepare for it. Winterizing your home right now will save you big bucks when the snow falls.
Easy Ways to Save Energy This Winter 
When I think of winterizing, I imagine a long and involved process involving, I don't know, science-fiction-y energy meters and twelve miles of bubble wrap. But most of it is much easier than that, thank goodness. (If less fun than the bubble wrap.)
5 Ways Your Home Loses Heat 
The house we lived in when I was a kid lost most of its heat through the front door, which had, I swear, a gap under it big enough for a cat to slip through. Some energy leaks are harder to spot.

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