Sunday, November 7, 2010

Personal Blog:: Church, confusion, losing an hour, and dying my hair - 11/7/10

Well today was kinda weird, I woke and lost an hour.  I have no clue where I put it, just up and missing.  Later my husband woke me up telling me to dye my hair.  Which is kinda odd since I have been saying it for the last 2 1/2 weeks.  I guess he didn't want to hear me complain anymore.  Besides I was going to my new ward today and didn't wanting to have green hair to start my day off.  I colored my hair and started to pick out my clothes.  My daughter was already ready and was pacing around waiting for me to get done.  It was a bit annoying since she kept pestering me and throwing me off track.

I finally got to church but with the hour change I was a bit messed up with time.  I missed sacrament and felt bad cause my daughter loves the bread.  We found a lady in the library and she helped up find our classes.  Natalie went to her class and was greeted by her neighbor friends.  I on the other hand was going to another class and was terrified.  I'm not very good with being in new situations and tend to be stand offish.  But I feel I did a good job.  Granted I was a bit nervous since I was getting the same questions over and over and over.  "Yes, I am married" or "Yes, I have a kid"  I was also asked if I wanted callings.  Who really wants callings? Certainly I'm not the one to jump up and say yes.  So I just said, "Maybe" and "Sure, I guess so".  Well I answered questions in class and in Relief Society.  I think most of the gals were leery of me but I noticed some of them thought I was funny and interesting.  Oh well, I should have just said, "Hello, I have blue hair and I'm new to your ward."

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