Thursday, November 4, 2010

Personal Blog:: Moving is tough, so is 2 root canals... 11/04/10

Ok, so I woke up this morning and didn't want to get up.  My knees were aching and my face was throbbing.  I guess you don't know the reason why... I currently have two teeth in my upper right jaw go bad.  What are the odds two would have problems?  I mean, WHAM!!!  Throbbing and aching... plus I was in the process of moving and trying to get things packed then unpacked. 

In the mist of all this we also acquired a cat.  His name is Sammy.  He was only 6 weeks old and might I add “PAIN IN THE BUTT!” or I should I say, ankle.  This cat attacks you when you walk by and attacks you when you are sitting.  He REALLY wants to take you down.  He has no problem climbing you like a tree stump.  Worst of all he also peed in our bed and pooped.  Not a banner week for me.  I thought about sending him packing but my husband and daughter love him so much, so he is here for the long haul.  That is if he doesn't die of some mysterious infection.  (my evil laugh) HA HA HA HA HA

Tomorrow I see the dentist again for the 2nd tooth.  I hope this will bring to an end the evil pains and trouble eating food.  I feel like all I do is just lick food now.  It is not fun! : (  I have an appointment with this dentist that does a good job, I think.  He did a root canal one my moler but only filled it with temporary filling.  Hummmm??? I go in for the crown next week.  I hope my tooth will hold until then.  So I guess I'm having 2 root canals in two weeks.  Ugh, I hate seeing the dentist.  I don't think the needles are bad at all but the drilling drives me crazy.

Since we have moved here we have gotten to know our neighbors around us and they are super awesome.  But I'm sure after 2-3 months of living near us they will want to kick me out of the neighborhood.  I will have torches and pitch forks banging down my door.  Truth be told I can whole heartily understand.  I'm a bit strange and have blue hair and have a problem with Murphy's Law following me around.  Small catastrophes happen within 3 square feet of me, I need to have orange cones around me at all times.  Come to think of it, would be a problem within itself as well.  So never mind that idea.  Just remember to have a good life policy when approaching me. 

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