Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Save Over $90 Refinish Your Headlights Guest Post 11/30/10

Hello Fabulous Daily Deals readers! My name is Eliana, and I am visting you from Refinish-it-all.com. On my blog you find different ways to refinish things, and inevitably save money!! The main thing I focus on is decorating and furniture, but I manage to squeeze in a couple of other topics as well. Veronika asked me to share one of my projects with you.

One of the best feelings about owning a car, is writing a check for that last payment. I recently did this, and am very much enjoying the payment free life! What I have noticed though, is that little things start falling apart, and the car simply started to look as though it was aging. One simple thing that can add "age" to your car is foggy headlights. mine got to looking something like this:  (this is my trusty VW Golf, whom I affectionately call Backback)

Someone came to my office a while back and was offering to do restore headlights for $100!! I was not really into that. So... I purchased one of the many headlight restoring kits available on the market. I chose the Turtle Wax kit, I found this at Wal-Mart for about $8. Why did I chose the Turtle Wax kit you ask? Well, who can resist that adorable little turtle and the $8 price tag?

The kit contains the following: clarifying compound,(creamy, for buffing) also 3 gritty squares (like sandpaper- to work the surface of the headlight) also a spray lubricant for the squares. you have to keep the square and headlight moist so it doesn't scratch. and lastly, the kit has a sealant wipe.

I am not going to lie. This required a little elbow grease. But the instructions on the box are pretty simple. About halfway through this is what it looked like... I was pleased with the progress.

Left: untouched. Right: halfway there...
The entire process took about 45 minutes,  the more consistent you are with the process the better the result you will receive. You can feel the surface of the headlight as you are going, and have a feel for how much more you should do. At the end you can expect something like this:

oooooooooooooo...... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.......
Again,  Before and After: 


After. :)

Well, thanks for checking out my project! You can see what other shenanigans I get into over at Refinish-it-all.com. If you have any questions regarding this project, contact me atelianasblog@gmail.com .

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