Sunday, November 28, 2010

Personal Blog:: Thanksgiving Break and them some! 11/28/10

Sorry all for not being around for a couple of weeks.  We had a serious lost to our family.  We lost 2 members and it was very hard for us.  I think I'm doing better, but still very sad on some days.  I enjoyed Thanksgiving in our new house.  Even though the turkey came out nothing near what I was expecting.  It still was juicy and tasty. This was my first Thanksgiving and not eating at someones house.  Very strange!!  My husband was in charge of the turkey and did quiet well.  My daughter didn't care so much just as long as it was turkey she was happy.  But later was disappointed that we didn't have pumpkin pie.  I don't know why she was sad since she never eats the pumpkin pie anyway.  I chalked it up to what we all expect at Thanksgiving, Turkey & Pumpkin Pie!!

Well just yesterday we put up the Christmas tree, and I must say that I'm quiet anal when it comes to setting it up.  I have like a system.  A system that I follow.  My daughter just decided to place things here and there and I tried to keep from saying anything but I had too.  I felt bad saying it wasn't right but, it wasn't.  I showed her how so in the future she will know how it is  done.  I know I'm a bad mom for not letting her kid decorate on her own, but I have OCD and need it done a certain way.  She enjoyed me helping and got to put the ornaments anywhere she wanted.  It wasn't too bad.

I forced my husband to watch the "Gilmore Girls" with me today and he didn't care too much for it.  So much that he decided to go to sleep early.  His lose not mine.  I think that show is funny and I see myself much like Lorelei Gilmore, the mom in the show.  And my daughter is a lot like Rory, the daughter in the show.  Well I'm tired and need to go to bed now.  I currently am taking Amitriptyline, Ambien, and Trazadone. TONS of stuff, I know!!!  Well I can feel the effect kicking in.  Thanks to all those that read me and comment on my blogs.  I would love to hear from you more, so keep the comments coming.

Question of the day?  What animal would you be and why??

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