Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Funny Signs:: 10 Funny Double-Meaning Signs 12/15/10

Road signs reflect our life: they show us what NOT to do and where to go, how to behave and what to expect. And like life, they may have more than one meaning, like those from the following collection:

1. Slippery When Wet

I hope these two notices are totally unrelated… but who knows…

Slippery When Wet

2. Pastorsex

No worries. The reality is better than it may sound.

The sign points to the church – Pastorsexpedition. The P is frequently covered up for comic purposes.

3. Licklog Gap

Licklog Gap

This refers to the practice of putting salt licks around for cattle, at the time when this area was used for grazing. The cattlemen would put blocks of salt into hollow logs for the cattle to lick. There are also several places called “Salt Log Gap” on the Appalachian Trail. Salt blocks are still put out for cattle today (though not in hollow logs).

4. Harbor + Waste Disposal Site

How can two road signs say so much about a place?

Harbor + Waste Disposal Site

5. Anal Restaurant

Anal Restaurant

Just in case you didn’t guess, it should read Canal.

6. Boobies Ahead?

Boobies Ahead

7. Invalid Toilet

Invalid Toilet

8. Sex Line

Sex Line

9. Please Not So Fast…

Please Not So Fast

This is the actual Austrian city…

10. Sex It

Stop + Exit = …
Sex It

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