Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Funny Signs:: 15 Alien Road and Street Signs 12/15/10

You’ve see it in the movies, you’ve read it in books and newspapers: traces of aliens you’ve never seen yourself.

Well, many people have witnessed the alien signs with their own sites, luckily they are photographers and are able to show you the proof:

1. Alien Bus Drivers

This little alien octopus named Benja (Ben-ha) is the creation of one street artist – thanks for the good laugh!
Alen bus drivers

2. No Aliens over 6000 lbs.

In other words, no heavy aliens, please:
No aliens over 6000 lbs.

3. DANGER: Alien Abduction Area

DANGER: Alien Abduction Area

4. No Aliens Allowed on Premises

Poor aliens, always so misunderstood…
No aliens allowed on premises
by urzzz

5. Big Alien is Watching You

Big Alien is watching you

6. No Alien BBQ

No alien BBQ

7. Welcome to the Alien City

Welcome to the alien city

8. No Smoking, No Aliens

No Smoking, No Aliens

9. No Alien Abductions at Night!

That disturbs the neighbors
No alien abductions at night!

10. District 9 Ads

Who hasn’t seen the movie yet? You definitely should!
Ditrict 9 Ads
Ditrict 9 Ads
Ditrict 9 Ads

11. Aliens Hunting Cattle

Aliens hunting cattle

12. Alien Families Ahead

Alien Familes Ahead

13. Exit Aliens

Exit Aliens

14. Alien Pedestrians

Alien Pedestrians
by Moose2

15. Alien Street

Alien street
by Riot Sauce

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