Thursday, December 16, 2010

A 17 year old Student swallowed a spoon while performing her own exam 12/16/10

The Patient decided to do a self examination for angina alone she would look into her throat using a spoon as a tongue depressor. A young teen from the Czech city ofNovi Jicin could not imagine what was causing her sore throat and the 17 year old Student swallowed a spoon while performing her own exam.
When the girl’s throat pain became unbearable, she decided to independently examine the inflamed tonsils. Taking a teaspoon stood before the mirror and began to push the back of the tongue, as do doctors. Trying to get a better look at the throat, so deep went her unhappy cutlery that, coughing and gagging began and the girl instinctively swallowed it!
In a panic, she rushed to the hospital. Doctors sent her to the X-ray, which showed that in the stomach of the student really is a metallic object shaped like an eating utensil.
We have decided to immediately do the surgery – says the surgeon Erika Farkas. – Under anesthesia, the patient entered the endoscopic probe and pulled out a spoon. It was found that the gastric mucosa was not damaged, so she was quickly released from the hospital. An unusual souvenir she picked up as a memory.

The 17-year-old not only kept the spoon as an unusual souvenir but she also has a copy of the x-ray which displays the spoon inside her stomach to keep as a reminder and show friends. When asked if she would be doing any more self examinations she quickly answered “Never”

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