Thursday, December 2, 2010

About Today: 10 Sources for Free Christmas Gifts 11/30/10

From Jen Hubley, your About Today Editor
This year, I've actually set a Christmas budget and am attempting to stick to it. This is great for my bank account. But picking presents is a challenge, since I feel like the amount of money I spend on a gift should be equal to the esteem I have for the recipient.

10 Sources for Free Christmas Gifts 
That would mean that my husband's gift would have to be 32 times more expensive than the gift I give to our building superintendent, for example. (Before you try to work out the equation, let me just say that our super's been very helpful about plumbing problems.)
10 Ways to Save Money at Christmas 
This is a little crazy, because no one is going to ask you to see the receipt for their gift. And if they do, maybe you have larger problems than your holiday budget.
Free and Low-Cost Christmas Gifts 
Many lower cost gifts require more thought and are therefore more valuable to the recipient. For example, my sister can pretty much just give everyone in the family pictures of her son, and we'll all act like she bought us a car.
Give Second-Hand Gifts (Without Looking Tacky) 
As with everything, there's a trick to giving cheaply without looking cheap.
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