Thursday, December 2, 2010

About Today: How to Cook a Turkey 11/19/10

From Jen Hubley, your About Today Editor
This year was going to be my sister's first attempt at a turkey, but then she had a last-minute reprieve. "And a good thing it is, too," she said. "I was thinking about looking for some kind of turkey support group."

5 Simple Rules for Perfect Turkey Every Time 
Cooking a turkey is the most nerve-wracking thing we do on Thanksgiving, besides host our relatives. Most of us just don't spend that much time cooking.
How NOT to Cook a Turkey 
I like to start out with the worst-case scenario. If you know what you shouldn't do, it's a lot easier to make sure you're doing things right.
Roast That Turkey! 
Next year, my sister will bite the bullet and cook her first bird, with the supervision of our Mom, who claims the whole secret is to talk to Thomas while he's cooking. (And his name is always Thomas, FYI.)
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Don't Roast That Turkey! 
Whichever method you choose, I wish you the very best of culinary luck this Thanksgiving season. I, of course, will volunteer to bring cranberry sauce as usual, and then run out to the store at the last minute. (See you at the checkout line.)

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