Friday, December 10, 2010

About Today: Over 100 Gifts for Outdoorsy Types 12/08/10

From Jen Hubley, your About Today Editor
I am what's known as an indoor kid, so when it comes time to buy for the outdoorsy types on my list, I'm often at a loss. I tend to think they're looking for things like natural yarn with which to weave their own tent, or perhaps a bullet to bite on in case of a horrible, outdoors-related injury.

Great Gifts for the Outdoor Enthusiast 
My more athletic friends tell me, however, that these are terrible gifts, which is why I'm glad I work here and can find other ideas on
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10 Walking Gifts for Under $25 
The trick is to find things that aren't super expensive - and it is a trick. You could spend a gagillion dollars on outdoor equipment if you're in the mood. (But really, who is?)
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10 Gifts for Beginning Snowboarders 
I like to get people gifts that help them start sports. I feel like it makes up for my reluctance to participate in any myself.
Gift Ideas for Gardeners 
My favorite thing to get people from this list: an orchard. It's great, because it's beautiful, and also a gardening test to see if they can keep it alive.

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