Monday, January 31, 2011

42 ways to spend less on kids 1/26/11

42 ways to spend less on kids

Learn how to find the deepest discounts on clothes, activities, day care and more for your children.
Kids clothes

10 tips to spend less on kids clothing

At the rate kids outgrow clothes, every penny counts. Make sure to stretch yours to the fullest.

11 ways to entertain kids for less

Take advantage of sales and swaps before buying brand new toys and books.
Baby cost

6 strategies to spend less on baby gear

Learn how to save on baby costs where you can.
Kids sports

10 tips to spend less on sports and lessons

The cost of sports and lessons can add up fast, so consider this before writing a check.
Child care costs

5 ideas to cut back on child-care costs

Use these cost-cutting ideas to save on the high expense of day care.

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