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9 Days to Visit 8 Planets and a Dwarf: Venus - Earth's Sister - Second Planet 1/25/11

Venus - Earth's Sister - Second Planet
John Millis
From John Millis, your Guide to Space / Astronomy

"Thou in thy lake dost see
Thyself: so she
Beholds her image in her eyes
Reflected. Thus did Venus rise
From out the sea."
To a Lily
James Matthews Legaré (1823-1859)

This issue, we explore Venus. Rumors to the contrary, women did not originate there.
Fascinating Fact 
Venus's rotation is unusual. It is both very slow (243 Earth days per Venus day, a little longer than Venus's year) and retrograde (opposite direction than Earth).

Venus Information, Images and Resources
Basic Venus Information 
Venus, the Roman equivalent of Greek Aphrodite was originally the goddess of vegetation. Our Venus, second planet in the solar system was considered to be a sister planet to our own earth.
Detailed Venus Information 
Delve Deeper into Earth's sister planet, the beautiful Venus.
Venus Images 
Sometimes called the morning star and other times the evening star, Venus is very visible in the night sky. Check out these images.
Venus Resources 
Venus is the second planet from the Sun and the sixth largest. Find out more about Venus with these links, news, information, and graphics.

Pioneer Venus Missions 
Pioneer Venus Missions - Pioneer 12 and Pioneer 13. The Orbiter was launched on 20 May 1978. On 4 December 1978, the orbiter was injected into orbit around Venus. On 8 August 1978, slightly less than three months after the Orbiter left Earth, the Multiprobe spacecraft was launched from the Kennedy Space Center on an Atlas-Centaur launch vehicle.
Astronomical Events Calendar 
Discover Astronomy Events, like eclipses, meteor showers, planetary transits and other astronomical events.
Venus Quiz 
Test your Venus knowledge with this short quiz.

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