Tuesday, January 25, 2011

About Deafness: Free Online Advocacy Course for Deaf/HOH 1/25/11

From Jamie Berke, your Guide to Deafness

Free Online Advocacy Course for Deaf/HOH 
The Minnesota Commission of Deaf, Deafblind, and Hard of Hearing Minnesotans has a free online course on advocacy. It is signed and captioned. This course teaches how to influence public policy makers.
Winter Signs 
These days, a warm day is when I can go outside without a hat. The cold weather is very much on people's minds.
FCC Relay Rules a Potential Security Threat? 
A new comment (#12) has been posted to a very old blog post: Scam Artists Threatening IP Relay Services? This commenter claims to be a former relay service operator.
DeafBlind and Disabilities 
Many people are both deaf and blind. Syndromes causing deafblindness and individual deafblind people such as Helen Keller.

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