Monday, January 24, 2011

About Housekeeping: How to Clean Irons, Microfiber, and Bookshelves 1/24/11

How to Clean an Iron 
By now you probably know that ironing is my least favorite chore...and to add insult to injury that dumb iron actually has to be cleaned occasionally, as well. Luckily, cleaning an iron is a simple job.
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How to Clean Microfiber Cleaning Cloths 
Microfiber is all the rage. And it deserves its limelight. I love my microfiber cleaning cloths. But if you think you can treat them the same way as any old cleaning may not be getting all the mileage from your microfiber that you deserve.
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How to Clean and Organize a Bookshelf 
Beautiful bookshelves are inviting, beautiful, and practical additions to our homes. Unless they are chaotic centers of clutter. I'm de-cluttering bookshelves this week. Want to join along?
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How to Clean a Linen Closet 
Our linen closet is at the very top of our stairs. It's convenient until one of the kids decides to dump everything out of the closet looking for one particular item. Besides purging out some of the contents, there are some organizational strategies I need to work on.

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