Monday, January 31, 2011

About Space / Astronomy: Is Warp Drive Possible? 1/24/11

From John Millis, your Guide to Space / Astronomy
I've decided to begin working on a series of articles digging into how science is portrayed in movies, particularly science fiction movies. And where better to start than Star Trek. The first technology I examine is the Warp Drive that allows the crew of the Starship Enterprise to travel at speeds exceeding light. Is it possible? Surprisingly, yes. Is it probable? Well, you'll have to read for yourself. And be sure to check back frequently for more science in the movies.

Warp Drive - Is Faster Than Light Travel Possible? 
One of the key plot devices in nearly every Star Trek episode and film is the ability of starships to travel at light speed and beyond. This ability comes thanks to a propulsion system known in the show as warp drive... Read more
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Propulsion Systems of the Future 
Mankind has always been obsessed with space exploration. Just look at the immense popularity of science fiction novels as evidence. But with the exception of the Moon missions several decades ago the reality has not met the dream. It would still be decades away, but could current breakthroughs in technology one day allow us to explore worlds outside our solar system? Maybe, but there are still obstacles that stand in the way... Read more
Send Your Experiments to the Edge of Space 
Have a passion for space and astronomy? Have some cool ideas for experiments to be done at the edge of space? Well, now is your opportunity to team with NASA... Read more
Extreme Planet Makeover 
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has released a new interactive learning game, designed to show players why habitable planets are so rare. When you go to the Extreme Planet Makeover site,... Read more

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