Friday, January 7, 2011

About Today: Email Forwards You Can Delete Right Now 1/6/11

From Jen Hubley, your About Today Editor
By the time you get to this email, you will have deleted 57 forwards from well-meaning friends and relatives, telling you that everything you're doing is killing you slowly, or perhaps quickly, and in an embarrassing way.

Hoax List: Current Netlore & Urban Legends 
If you were to believe what you read in your inbox, you'd think that all food was poison and every public figure was secretly a terrorist.
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How to Avoid Forwarding Hoaxes 
Most of the time? These forwards are the furthest thing from the truth. Which is why you'll want to do your research before you hit "forward" yourself.
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How to Clean up Emails Before You Forward Them 
Another thing you'll want to do before forwarding anything: Take out those annoying line-breaks and dashes. You could be delivering the most important message in the world, a completely accurate warning without which we'll all be doomed, and no one will read it if it looks like that.
Top 26 Most Important Rules of Email Etiquette 
No. 1 is the most important, in my opinion: Look before you send.

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