Saturday, January 22, 2011

About Today: A Few of Your Favorite Things 1/18/11

From Jen Hubley, your About Today Editor
A few years ago, I realized that the absolute best way to start a conversation at a party was to either claim to love a popular product ... or to hate it. Within two minutes, the gathering will separate into distinct (possibly armed) camps.

Readers' Choice Awards 2011 
This is because we all firmly believe that our favorite things (products, services, even blogs) are the secret to our happiness. And woe betide anyone who says any differently.
FAQs About the Readers' Choice Awards 
With this in mind, has created an annual Readers' Choice Awards, to allow you to nominate your favorite things in a variety of different areas, from technology to hobbies to sports.
2011 Awards: Health and Family 
You can visit any of our categories on our Awards page, here. Or just click on a category in this newsletter.
2011 Awards: Gadgets & Electronics 
Fun trivia fact: All of this started on the Instant Messaging site in 2008. Because if there's one thing people are sure about, it's that their favorite tech products are the best in the world.

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