Saturday, January 22, 2011

About Today: How to Deal With Picky Eaters 1/19/11

From Jen Hubley, your About Today Editor
When I was a kid, I was a picky eater. My mom still talks about how I refused to eat anything except spaghetti, peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches, and American cheese.

Why It's Normal for Kids to Be Picky Eaters 
Naturally, she was a bit concerned about the possibility that I might wind up with scurvy, making me the only toddler in town who had anything in common with 18th century sailors.
10 Ways to Feed Picky Eaters 
Eventually, through the cunning use of vitamins shaped like animals and gradually introducing more foods, she managed to round out my diet.
Video: Feeding Picky Eaters 
And now that I'm allegedly grown up, I'll eat anything that isn't still actively mooing.
Developing Healthy Eating Habits for Toddlers and Babies 
So probably the best advice is not to panic: The picky stage generally doesn't last forever.

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