Monday, January 31, 2011

About Today: Plan a Valentine's Day Getaway 1/31/11

From Jen Hubley, your About Today Editor
Valentine's Day is on a Monday this year, which means that most of us will be feeling more groggy than romantic on the supposed most romantic day of the year. So maybe we're all better off getting away for a long weekend instead?

Valentine's Day Getaways and Packages 
My family lives all over the country now, so when I plan a getaway, I want to stay closer to home. Fortunately, this list has destinations all over the world. One of them is bound to be right next door.
Best New Hotels for Romance 2011 
A friend of mine once expressed her life's ambition as, "Live in a hotel. Order room service every day." Whether or not that's your idea of fun for a lifetime, it's pretty great for a weekend.
Cheap Valentine's Day Ideas 
Let's say, though, that you don't have the money for a big getaway. (Hard to believe, with the economy in such lovely shape, but let's just say.) There's still plenty of fun stuff to do to celebrate the day.
Valentine's Ideas for Travelers ... and Stay-at-Home Types 
Need more ideas? You can learn everything from how to improve your flirty texting skills to how to grow aphrodisiacs in our Valentine's Day special.

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