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Astronomy 101: History - Ancient Astronomers to The Renaissance 1/23/11

History - Ancient Astronomers to The Renaissance
John Millis
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The study of our Universe is not new, astronomy is the oldest science. People have been looking up, trying to explain the universe for as long as there have been people. The earliest Astronomers were priests and holy men, studying the movement of celestial bodies to determine celebrations and planting cycles.
Lesson 1: History 
The ancient Greeks were the first to start developing astronomy theories about the design of the Universe.

Ptolemy (aka Claudius Ptolemaeus, Ptolomaeus, Klaudios Ptolemaios, Ptolemeus) lived in Alexandria, Egypt. We know very little of Ptolemy's life, including his birth and death dates.

Discover some of what we do know.
Nicolaus Copernicus 
Thorn (Torum), Poland was the birthplace of one of Astronomy's most influential followers. On February 19, 1473, Nicolaus Copernicus entered a world, which was at the center of the universe and by the time of his death had turned this world on its ear.
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