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How to Heal Yourself after an Abusive Childhood 1/31/11

How to Heal Yourself after an Abusive Childhood

Heal Yourself after an Abusive Childhood

Heal Yourself after an Abusive Childhood

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I know that child abuse is a subject that everyone likes to shy away from talking about, but lets face it; it happens. It actually is happening more and more all over the USA every year. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Child Welfare Information Gateway reported 3 million cases of possible child abuse in 2006. The numbers are shocking. I feel that raising child abuse awareness is something that is very important to do. Being one of the 872,000 of the confirmed child abuse cases in the USA, I have learned how to not so much overcome what happened to me as a child , but grow from it and become the best person I can be. In my case I was sexually abused, however my advice can help the abused from all different cases; whether it be physically, emotionally, or sexual. This is what I have learned in the process of healing from the child abuse.


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    GET OUT AND MAKE FRIENDS.During the six years of my abuse I was very distant from people. I didn't like to be around people because I was afraid of being rejected. Having great friends who don't judge after being abused is a great way to get to talk to people about what happened to you as a child. Talking about the child abuse is a great way to get reacquainted with the past. It's a good idea to think about the past and feel the pain, but don't let it overcome you. Keep telling yourself that you are okay and out of the danger. I know sometimes it feels like you can't get through what happened, but I assure you, you can.
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    READ. After the abuse was out in the open and the person was no longer around me, I received a book from my Grandma called "Beauty for Ashes" by Joyce Meyer. The book is a very great book to read, it really helped me in the process of healing. Her words are very encouraging. Aside from that book i have read many many other books about healing and as surprising as this is they really did help!
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    WRITE. Whether you write short stories, poems, a journal, or even a book; It really helps to get you emotions out on paper. I personally wrote many poems; poems to myself, my mother, my friends, God, my future, the abuser. Whatever yo choose to write let it come from your heart. Don't hold nothing back.
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    RESEARCH. There are many sites on the internet that can help you in your healing process. Use your search engine and soon you will find yourself looking at other people's stories, poems, and their personal way of dealing with the abuse in their adult life. Read their pages and join their forum if you can. Tell your story to them, they will understand exactly where you are coming from.
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    BUILD YOURSELF UP. Raise your self-esteem by surrounding yourself with positive people and thinking positive thoughts. Remember its not your fault, you were too young and couldn't do anything to protect yourself. Building yourself up can also help to begin mending your broken heart. Raising child abuse awareness is also a great way to make yourself feel good and like you are making a difference.
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    FORGIVE YOURSELF. I'm not asking you to forgive the person who has hurt you in any way. What I am asking you to do is let go of the hate and anger that has accumulated over time. The harsh feelings you are holding on to in the inside are very damaging to your body. Overtime if you don't remove the hurt of what happened it will consume you and make having a happy life nearly impossible. Let it all go not for anyone but YOU. Let it go to finally start living a life free of hate.

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