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How to Overcome Child Abuse 1/31/11

How to Overcome Child Abuse

Child Abuse Awareness
Child Abuse Awareness

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How to overcome Child Abuse.


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    When we think of Child Abuse, we probably think of Physical Abuse. Child Abuse, is not just Physical but can be "Mental" anguish afflicted upon a child. If you grew up in an Emotionally Abusive home, the best thing to do is to seek professional help, suppressing these painful memories will only come back to haunt you in later years. Especially if you are married, you don't want these painful feelings interfering in your married life.
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    In mostly all situations where Parents are emotionally abusive toward the children, the Parents themselves are unhappy and more than likely came from a troubled household. As crazy as it sounds, Parents who abuse their children actually feel good when they hurt others. They are so miserable inside that they take great comfort lasing out and trying to destroy others.
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    The most important thing for the abused child to understand is that nothing that happened was their fault. The child didn't ask to be born let alone abused. First and foremost, the person must seek professional help through a Psychotherapist. You must discuss the abuse with someone who can understand where you are coming from. Second, you must eventually confront the abuser, no matter what, you need to tell them how you feel and all the pain that they caused you. Eventually, you can begin to heal and put these memories behind you forever.

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