Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Personal Blog:: My day starts with a Barf! 1/4/11


Barf all over my backseat.  Yuck! I decided to take my dog for a ride in Alex! (Alex is my cars name)  Well we had quite a fun time going down the freeway.  While running errands, I found that my dog, Audrey, threw up in the backseat.  Gross!  I had to run and get paper towels and a cleaner, which was windex.  Doesn't really work that well on barf stains, so don't try that one.  I cleaned up this mess which wasn't so bad since I put a white pad in the back to prevent mud and water stains on the chair.  Good thing too, cause I would have had far more to clean up.  Feeling good about the pad and the small amount I had to clean up I drove to McDonalds and got an orange juice.  I was so thirsty and needed OJ.  While driving home I had the dog move up in the passenger seat so I could keep an eye on her.  Well I got a eye full, let me tell you.  She was laying on the passenger seat when she raised her head and then barfed in my purse and the car.

Yeah... It happened... Wow!

I was so shocked, I just kept driving and tried not to think about it.  Was hard... since I could smell the barf.  Well 2 miles and I finally got off the freeway and tried to clean up the mess.  Gave up after 10 seconds and kept driving. (also cause the light changed to green)

I got home and did the best I could with the paper towels and then went inside to wash the pad and my purse.  OY!

(side note... I always have some catastrophic event happening to me. Some strange changes the way the day works out.  I should have little orange cones around me since people seem to get hurt, well could get hurt!)

I decided to just doing my daily things around the house and make sure the house was clean for the bishopric's arrival this evening.  I guess they wanted to see how our family was doing.  Should only be about 15 mins.  But you never know... I might ramble and they might want to stay and see how crazy I get.  Well I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hope this goes well.  Wish me luck.

(Happpy Birthday Shani!)


  1. My dog gets carsick, I realized! She throws up too sometimes. I have to be careful not to feed her anything other than a bit of dry dog food before exciting outings to the vet, grooming salon, etc.

    Where do you have your dog groomed? We still go to PetSmart in AF, but I'm wondering about some of the smaller shops popping up.

  2. We do take our dog to the AF PetsMart as well. I noticed the last time we took her for a drive she didn't throw up. But I am still careful not to ride with her too much.