Sunday, January 30, 2011

Personal Blog:: Ginger Ale and Queso for the morning breakfast 1/30/11

Well a lot of adventures took place these past few weeks.  The major thing was me going for surgery. I really don't mind them but this one was a particular problems that even the surgeons didn't know what to think.  You know how Murphy's Law seems to hit you every now and then?  Well my name should be Charly Murphy, since everything you think could have happen, happens to ME!  I have a golf ball size abcess in  my behind.  Let me tell you, this is strange by itself,  but having it and near my bottom was super strange.  They have an idea of what caused it but seems strange for them to tell me.  Well the day I went to the doctors office to have my in house surgery, he decided to keep me on antibiotics and see what happens in 2 weeks.  Make matters worst, my mom came down to take care of me after the procedure.  I'm glad she did but also embarrassed for the reason she came to visit.  It's not something you can spead around.

"Yeah, I'm down here visiting my daughter and taking care of her after her BUTT surgery"

Well that just seem like something you want to keep hush hush.  I guess me writing about it isn't keeping it under wraps.  But I just wanted you all to know, bizarre things can happen around your butt.

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