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Visiting US Space Program Sites: Dryden Flight Research Center - Edwards, CA 1/25/11

Dryden Flight Research Center - Edwards, CA
John Millis
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NASA Fact:
The Dryden Flight Research Center (DFRC) is NASA's center for aeronautical flight research and atmospheric flight operations. DFRC is chartered to research, develop, verify, and transfer advanced aeronautics, space and related technologies. It also serves as a backup landing site for the Space Shuttle and a facility to test and validate design concepts and systems used in development and operation of the Orbiters.

Space Center
Dryden Flight Research Center 
Dryden Flight Research Center is located on Edwards Air Force Base, in Edwards, CA close to Los Angeles.

Tours are limited to organized groups of 15 or more U. S. citizens and are subject to approval by the 95th Security Forces Squadron at Edwards Air Force Base.

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