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Writing Your Personal Family History: Chapter 1 Ancestry 1/24/11

Chapter 1 Ancestry
Rachel Bruner
From Rachel Bruner, your Guide to Latter-day Saints
Welcome to this email course! This is chapter one from the article, "Writing Your Personal Family History" and here are some questions to help you work on your personal history. To start just pick a question to answer and begin writing. You can write just a sentence or two, a paragraph, or a whole page if you want. Remember, you don't have to answer every question!

Chapter 1 Ancestry
Questions and Thoughts to Write About 
1. Who was the first of your ancestors to come to America? (Or the country of your residence)
2. Write about your father's heritage.
3. Write about your mother's heritage.
4. Write about your pioneer heritage. (If you don't have any, how do you feel about being the "pioneer" in your family)
5. Write about the oldest relative you remember.

Additional Resources
Writing Your Personal Family History 
Here's the full article with directions, helps, and links for writing your family history.
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Rachel Bruner 
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