Tuesday, February 1, 2011

About Feng Shui: Your Love Life, 2011 Tips and Real Estate in WSJ 2/1/11

From Rodika Tchi, your Guide to Feng Shui
In this issue find tips for Lunar New Year, feng shui in real estate info from The Wall Street Journal and a fun "How Not-To" for your love life. Enjoy and have a happy Chinese (Lunar) New Year!

Feng Shui for Real Estate in The Wall Street Journal 
Yellow paint, green plants and wood tables is a good idea for a space that dearly needs the wood feng shui element. However, would you go for a mirror at the ... Read more
Bad Feng Shui Tips: How To Ruin Your Love Life 
From over 500 bedrooms I have been in (as a feng shui consultant), only a few would be considered good feng shui bedrooms and were actually conducive to a balanced and... Read more
Before Chinese (Lunar) New Year 
The harmonies at the new Moon encourage us to keep our eyes open, while daring to dream of how things ought to be. It's also a moment to free ourselves from beliefs that keep us from moving forward. What kinds of thoughts ... Read more
Feng Shui Cures 
Explore through a variety of feng shui cures to bring health, happiness and prosperity into your life! From feng shui fountains to feng shui mirrors and plants - it is all ... Read more

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