Friday, February 11, 2011

About Latter-day Saints:: Breakfast For Our Missionaries 2/3/11

Breakfast For Our Missionaries

Thursday February 3, 2011

Our local missionaries came over for dinner last night, which gave us a great opportunity to serve those who are serving others. I enjoy having the missionaries over, as it reminds me of my own mission and the need to share the truth with others.

One great idea my husband's aunt and uncle gave us was to make a hot breakfast for dinner for the missionaries. Since missionaries usually have dinner appointments, and on average probably only eat cold cereal for breakfast, we thought this was a great idea. When talking with the missionaries I offered them a few choices of meals I could make, one of which was a hot breakfast, which is what they both wanted. So last night my husband and I made scrambled eggs, bacon, orange juice, and waffles. We had several toppings to choose from, including our family's special buttermilk syrup (a type of caramel syrup). It was very enjoyable having our missionaries over for dinner, and I especially liked the spiritual message they shared afterwards.

When was the last time you served your missionaries by feeding them? If it's been awhile, consider feeding your missionaries this week. You don't have to wait to be asked to feed the missionaries- take the initiative today and invite them over.

If you're not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints you can still offer a meal to a pair of missionaries. If you have the missionaries over they usually share a spiritual message and will invite you to do something good, such as learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ, worship with us at Church, or attend a church activity.

Learn more about missionaries and their missions, including what a mission is or what to expect when applying for a mission.

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