Wednesday, February 9, 2011

About Today: 10 Comfort Food Recipes They'll Love 2/9/11

From Jen Hubley, your About Today Editor
It is approximately two degrees outside right now, which is fine, because I have no intention of emerging from my blanket-cocoon til spring. Also? I'm going to eat nothing but comfort food until the sun shines for more than a minute a day.

10 Comfort Food Recipes They'll Love 
OK, probably I won't eat nothing but noodles and grilled cheese for the next two months. If I did, I might have trouble getting through the door by spring. But I'm definitely featuring comfort food heavily on the menu.
Allergy-Friendly Comfort Food 
The great news is that even people who have food allergies can still have variations on their old favorites. (And actually, there are even lighter versionsfor people who are trying to avoid the whole Winnie the Pooh stuck in the rabbit hole scenario.)
Moroccan Comfort Food 
Of course, if you're tired of your old favorites, you can always mix it up. I'm amazed that I never realized that couscous is the ultimate comfort food.
Best Comfort Food Ever: Macaroni and Cheese 
And of course, the winner and still champion: Mac and cheese.

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