Wednesday, February 23, 2011

About Today:: 7 Houseplants You Can't Kill 2/22/11

From Jen Hubley, your About Today Editor
I've done it again: I've murdered a houseplant. Although I suppose the most I'm really guilty of is neglect. (I forgot that most varieties need water.)

7 Houseplants You Can't Kill 

I think the thing is to pick plants that are harder to kill. I tend to get ambitious with plants. Probably orchids are not the plant of choice for someone who can never find a pen and often spends hours calling her own cell phone to figure out where it is. (It is under the laundry. It is always under the laundry.)
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8 Ways to Kill a Houseplant 
If there were a competition for killing plants, I would win. I would win even if the other competitors had plant-killing poisons at their disposal.

5 Hard-to-Kill Sun Loving Plants 
Along with forgetting to water plants entirely, my other favorite thing to do is to pick plants that need totally different light conditions than the ones I can provide.

Best Houseplants for Low-Light Conditions 
These, for example, would be the best plants to buy for the darkest room in the house.

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