Monday, February 21, 2011

About Weird News:: Dog Mayor Wins Award 2/21/11

Dog Mayor Wins Award 
Dog Mayor Lucy LouIf the mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, has a management style at all, it's probably doggy style. That's because Lucy Lou, who was elected in 2008, is a dog. Specifically, a border collie. Reader's Digestrecently put this political beast in the spotlight as part of its "We Hear You America" tour, which celebrates the new edition of the magazine's "Off the Beaten Path" travel guide. (Read More)
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Oscar Time of Cross-Eyed Opossum 
Heidi The Cross-Eyed OpossumI didn't even know an opossum could have 15 minutes of fame, much less extend them into half an hour... but the famous cross-eyed critter of Leipzig, Heidi, has managed to do just that. The marsupial, who zoo officials believe turned googly-eyed when she got to fat, is going to appear on Jimmy Kimmel's pre-ceremony special and let the world know who she thinks will win the big awards. (Read More)
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Obese Shoplifter Caught in Doorway 
Jerrie Perkins Mug ShotThere's lots of ways to enter the Weird Crime Mug Shot Hall of Shame, but this one's a first. Police say an obese Michigan woman accused of stealing from a Meijer store was nabbed by the doorway. Her motorized cart got stuck in it. (Read More)

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