Sunday, February 6, 2011

Personal Blog:: The day can be beautiful and horrible all in the same space and time 2/9/11

All you people out in the blogging world, I hope you enjoy reading my blogs.  I do talk mostly about my day and what crazy things are going on.  Well this is going to be more of a personal blog entry.  Most of you guys don't really know me.  And I try to keep it that way.  But I think sharing a bit of me with you might be helpful.  In some ways, a chance to reach out.

I know many people say that they have had hard times.  Well I'm not going to be one to say I have had a charmed life.  I have had hard times and they have shaped me and who I am.  I wouldn't wish even 3 years of my life to someone I hate.  I think my hard times started when I was born.  Don't get me wrong I love my life, but I went thru my share of horror & hell to get here.  Even now I'm haunted by my past, my past that seems so long ago but really not that far away to call a mer memory.  My days started out as a full blooded Navajo born to a couple.  I was so small and unknowing.  I really can't recall the birth or my 1st birthday.  But I do remember  bits and pieces of my youth.  I believe psychologist would call this a black of bad things.

Well I know now it was just a way of preserving my sanity.  I am only now beginning to remember bits and pieces thru dream and visual reminders.  I think I'm getting ahead of myself.  You still need a bit more before I continue.  I was born on October 9th, in small town in Arizona.  My mother had a heck of a time giving birth to me, but I came out ok.  My father was on scene to see the miracle.

My mother is probably the most lovable, crazy, strange, remarkable women you would ever met.  She has also have had those "hard times".  I really look up to her, she is my rock.  I know that parents can really shape a person.  I can only wish you have loving parents and that they care for you very much.  I have known many kids growing up that take their parents for granted!!  I mean just taking and taking and not realizing that their parents work very hard for them.  I would hate this lot.  I would try to tell them that they are lucky and need to appreciate their parents more.  But they just tell me they do and they know that they are lucky.  But I don't think they do.  Just so you guys know this is going to be the first installment of my long tale.  I do need to go now.  My bed is calling and I have to rest my head.  Good Night...

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