Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Few Simple Tips for Frugal Living 2/19/11

With gas prices, housing costs, and many other important things on the rise, it is even more important to live frugally. Frugal living is not just something that you can do from time to time; it is a change in the way you live your life. Many people struggle to make ends meet and pay their bills. Many of these people are living an extravagant lifestyle that they can not afford. If they would try to live a more frugal life, then they would probably be able to get their finances under control. Here are a few ways that you can live a frugal life.

I believe that one of the number one reasons people get into debt is they allow themselves to make too many impulse purchases. Make sure that you only buy things that are a necessity. If something is not necessary, then you need to start a fund and save up money to make that purchase. One of the worst things that a person can do is run up large credit card bills, because the interest will get you deeper into debt before you know it.

Another very important thing that people can do to live a frugal life is to not dine out very often. It is much cheaper to cook at home, than it is to eat out at a restaurant. If you do not eat out very often then you can save hundreds of dollars every month. Eating out less often is also better for your health, which can save you money on medical bills in the long run. Also when you do decide to dine out, make sure that you drink water, because any other drink at a restaurant is outrageously overpriced.

The final tip for living a frugal life is to try to save up enough money to buy your car or your house without financing it. You will pay almost double the cost of a new car or a house in interest if you have to finance the cost. It is very hard to save up this type of money, but if you are watching your spending elsewhere, and you work hard to save the money, then it should be an attainable goal.
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