Wednesday, March 30, 2011

About Banking / Loans: Bank Account Tips for Teens 3/30/11

From Justin Pritchard, your Guide to Banking / Loans
Bank Account Tips for Teens 
Got teens? It won't be long before they're off on their own making financial decisions. Erin O'Neil explains the importance of educating teens about money, and shares a few tips on how... Read more

$50 Debit Card Maximums? 
Writing checks may start looking like a good idea again. Debit card issuers, including JPMorgan Chase, may soon limit how much you can spend with your debit card. Rumor has it that they may set limits of $50 to $100 per transaction... Read more

Secured Credit Card Ideas 
Secured credit cards can help you build credit. They look and feel just like regular credit cards, and lenders report activity to credit bureaus. So, what's so special about secured credit... Read more

How to Bank - Banking Basics 
How to bank. Basic banking tasks and questions when you need to start at the beginning. Learn about banking for the first time or go back to basics.

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