Tuesday, March 22, 2011

About Feng Shui: Shared Clutter Clearing, Spring & Irregular Bagua 3/22/11

From Rodika Tchi, your Guide to Feng Shui
In this issue tips with illustrations on how to find the bagua center of an irregular shape house, feng shui tips for clutter clearing a shared home and spring feng shui tips. Enjoy!

Spring Feng Shui Fashion for Your Home 

The feng shui home trends for this spring are based on the same foundation as they are every year - a clutter-free, clean space with a fresh sense of renewal.... Read more

Feng Shui for Clutter Clearing A Shared Home 
Getting rid of your clutter is no walk in the park. I know. I have worked with many feng shui clients over the years, and the issue of clutter clearing... Read more

How Do You Find the Bagua Center of An Irregular Shape House? 
If you have difficulties with defining the bagua of an irregular shape house, as well as finding the center of your home bagua, our feng shui forum discussion will help... Read more

Improve Your Health 
Feng Shui has a variety of tips to help you improve your health. From feng shui tips to clear your clutter to feng shui tips for kitchen and bathroom; from bedroom feng shui to feng shui color tips, it is all here for you. Watch our short feng shui video tips and start creating a healthy feng shui home today!

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  1. This is a great start to get people to think, but there's a lot more to magnets than just alignment. I could do another 8 videos to elaborate and I should. fengshui