Wednesday, March 30, 2011

About Today: Best Excuses for Being Late for Work 3/23/11

From Jen Hubley, your About Today Editor
I've done everything from landscaping, to waitressing, to writing little stories for the interwebs. So I've heard my share of excuses for being late to work.

Best Excuses for Being Late for Work 

My favorite was probably when I was landscaping. One of the bosses was late because she had to chase a goat. The best part was that it was a true story.

What's the Best Excuse for Being Late? 
First runner up goes to a coworker at a media company ten years ago, who was late because the dog ate her alarm clock. (My feeling is that she had been using the same excuse, in one form or another, since elementary school and got confused.)

Why Are Your Employees Late for Work? 
The best response to lateness was from a boss I had right out of college, who sent an email to our department saying, "I could have fired a cannon through your area at 9:05 this morning with zero injuries. Please get in before 9 o'clock."

How to Negotiate a Flexible Schedule 
Some people aren't morning people and never will be. For those people, flexible work hours might be the answer, if they can arrange them.

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