Wednesday, March 23, 2011

About Today: Get Started Gardening 3/2/11

From Jen Hubley, your About Today Editor
Yesterday, I saw my first crocuses of the season. They were white, so of course I first assumed that they were snow. I can be forgiven for thinking this, since it snowed so much this year that I seriously thought about skis as a permanent mode of transportation.

Reader Stories: How I Started Gardening 
Crocus season means that spring is really coming. For gardeners, this is like the Super Bowl and the World Series combined.
How to Start a Garden 
For the rest of us, it's a chance to think about getting started on a garden.
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7 Easy-to-Grow Plants for Beginning Gardeners 
When I saw those crocuses, I thought: "Hey! Why don't I have any of those in my yard?" Then I realized that you actually have to plant crocuses to get crocuses. (Seems mean.)
Plan a Garden to Feed Your Family 
The best garden of all might be the one that produces things that look pretty now and can be eaten later. Multipurpose!

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