Wednesday, March 30, 2011

About Today: Spring Cleaning for Lazy People 3/23/11

From Jen Hubley, your About Today Editor
My goal for this winter - the only one, really - was to learn how to pick up after myself like a normal grown-up person. To see socks that have escaped the hamper, to remove dust before it forms into snow-drift-like formations on the TV, to throw away the mail before it develops thoughts and feelings and kills us in our sleep.

Spring Cleaning: A Complete Checklist 

And guess what? It worked. I'm not going to tell you the place is spotless now, but I can usually find stuff, which is a huge improvement.

15-Minute Cleanups for Every Room 
It turns out that if you spend a few minutes a day on picking up your house, you don't have to live in filth.

How to Declutter Your Home 
Which is super, but of course I figured this out right in time for spring cleaning. Which is necessarily, picking-up skills notwithstanding.

Spring Cleaning Is for Yards, Too 
Because without a large-scale cleaning, we're going to spend all summer staring at our winter clothes. And that's just no way to start the warm weather season.
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